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Tealight Intention Spell Candles

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These candles are perfect for strengthening intentions, spellwork, mediation, bath rituals, and much more! Handmade and formulated with the necessary herbs, oils, and intentions to help you boost the desired outcome of your personal ritual. 

Comes in a set of 4 candles. 

Love/Self Love: General Love spell candle! Great for aiding in all things love; attracting partners, self-love, etc.
- Protection: Perfect for warding and protection against unwanted or negative entities, energies, or spirits
- Cleansing/Purifying: Perfect for removal, cleansing, and purification of your aura, space, and tools! Works against unwanted or negative entities, energies, or spirits.
- Psychic Awareness: Psychic awareness candle to improve spiritual connection! This candle helps to balance the Third Eye Chakra, working to awaken one's psychic awareness, enhance self-knowledge/wisdom, and heal intuitive blocks.
- Happiness: General spell candle to boost feelings of happiness, confidence, and optimism and may reduce feelings of depression and anxiety!
- Money/Abundance: A candle to increase all things wealth, abundance, and prosperity!